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Saturday, November 16, 2019
For the Glory of Christ Alone


Welcome to the Shallowford MACH Page
          Shallowford Men After Christ's Heart (MACH)
Men After Christ's Heart!  That is who we are, and we truly do desire to be like Him.  If you are a man and like to do "man" things come and give us a try.  Our Bible Study topic beginning in February is "Ready to Serve" from First TimothyAll men are welcome to come and fellowship with us. 
Our next meeting will be 5 PM, April 8, 2012 in the church fellowship hall. See you there!
Breakfast and Bowling II 
Saturday February 4th, 2012
                          It's lonely at the top... Especially when the breakfast buffet is open!                          No, that is NOT a cigar...
                                     The forks were flying fast and furious...                                             ...but we still had time to pose for the camera
                                                     "Lefty" goes for the spare.                                If you close one eye and squint it looks like it will pick 'em up
                             Sore back and all, Bill was able to put down the X's and slashes!        And the survivor's are... Bill, Benjamin, Doug, David and Jeff
Breakfast and Bowling 2011
The MACH men's fellowship had a great time on when
we met for breakfast and then went for a couple hours of bowling at US Play. 
                                                                             Let the Feast begin!                                                                                                   Looking for that first strike...
  Can he pick this one up?                                                                                  Smoooooooth  move
                                                               Bill was making 'em work to try and keep up with him                                        Good Times with Good Friends
Shallowford Men After Christ's Heart
 Breakfast and Bullets III
Another great day of food, fellowship and "guy stuff" at the range in Adairsville
Safety first as a new shooter sets his aim...        And we all lived to tell about it!            


MACH to Mexico III
was a complete success, with God
providing many open doors for us to share His Gospel. 
What a glorious trip to Mexico!
The top three photos; we were on a River Island sharing the gospel with people who had "never" heard. What tremendous joy!
On the island Daniel and Jeff play and sing for us while Lynda tended to one of the children. The middle center pic is to let all of you know that we did go to work :-).
Of course that third pic are living conditions in one of the many areas like that one.
Our bottom row is unique. J.D. was a 'first-timer' and was a good, consistent worker. There was "jerky" hanging on a line and we just weren't sure it was made from anything we recognized.
We were able to go there as well as Altamira
There will be a new building where everyone is standing. The wonderful people in Jimenez prepared a fabulous meal for us. And I, the Pastor, want to show off my son-in-law, Daniel's family. The woman on the right is his mother and the two younger girls are his sisters. Of course ol' Bill is in the picture!!!! LOL
Do you like Chile Rellenos? What about one like this?
And here is one of our favorite cooks in the world with her husband
Martha and Alfredo
MACH Breakfast and Bullets II 
The Shallowford MACH Breakfast and Bullets II held on October 11th was a
resounding success!  A FULL--Filling breakfast was enjoyed early, followed by
a trip to Adairsville, Georgia  for one of our men's favorite outdoor events. 
Seventeen men attended including some "not-so-good" shooters, some average
shooters, and some we called "dead-eye" shooters.  Regardless of whether you
could shoot well or not it was a tremendous time and we are looking forward to
next year already! 
MACH To Mexico II
Several of our men went to Mexico April 6-12 2008
to assist Bud and Ruth Bivens with their Ministry in
     Altamira. See below for pictures. The Bivens' home
     page can be found at  For a
     report on our work there in April 2007, follow this link:


Well, here it is! Who would have thought that in three and one-half days all this could be accomplished? The inside was ready for sanding. The outside had most of the siding completed. All the tin roof had been put on. What a great job guys!!!!


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Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of
Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; Ephesians 6:6