Shallowford Free Will Baptist
Thursday, June 30, 2022
For the Glory of Christ Alone
Shallowford Free Will Baptist Church is
"Praying It Forward"
We want to hear about how this event has blessed your life. If you participated in the campaign or if someone from our church blessed you, tell us about it.
We will post them to this page for the encouragement of the church body.
Email your experiences with our church campaign here!
"Helped an elderly couple who had a flat tire."
"Downloaded the Gospel of John onto
an MP3 player for a co-worker."
"Paid for the food of the person behind me in the McDonald's drive-thru lane."
"Was approached by a homeless man who
was asking for money for food.Went to
Waffle House and bought him a meal."
"Saw a single mother with two smaller children at a restaurant. Purchased their meals anonymously. The waitress enjoyed the activity even more than we did!"